Designer Specs


Siena Heights University – Adrian, MI
Bachelor of Arts in Art with a focus in Graphic Design, 2015
Summa Cum Laude

Jackson Community College – Jackson, MI
Associate of Applied Sciences in Multimedia Web Design, 2011
High Honors

DINFOS (Defense Information School) – Fort Meade, MD
Certificate in Broadcast Journalism, October 2003 (Military equivalent to a 2-year degree)
Certificate in Print Journalism, June 2003 (Military equivalent to a 2-year degree)


America's Preferred Home Warranty  - Jackson, MI
Copywriter & Designer - February 2018 to Current
Creating content for social media through research, interviews, and statistics. Organizing meeting minutes. Designing imagery for social media content. Creating videos/slideshows for social media. Photography. Leading Relay for Life fundraising efforts, events and meetings. 

C. M. Baker Design (formerly Cara Maib Design) - Based out of Brooklyn, MI
Freelance Graphic Designer, 2012 to Current
Freelance design for all manner of clients, including:

  • Thomson-Shore (Design for Book Covers)

  • Wynwidyn Press, LLC (Design for Book Covers and Miscellaneous Promotional Items, Bookmarks etc.)

  • Gear Up Adrian (Design for Apparel)

  • On The Point Promotions (Design for Apparel and Other Promotional Materials)

  • Mission of Hope Cancer Fund (Design for Newsletter and Branding Materials)

On The Point Promotions - Jackson, MI
Design & Marketing Consultant, December 2017 to January 2018
Contracted to serve as an office manager, designer, customer service representative, organizer, and about a dozen other hats for a promotional products company. Updated SEO policies and salesperson commission tracking. Learned SAGE Online through and through. Placed orders and ensured follow up to verify timely delivery of correct products.

Dawn Foods - Jackson, MI
Graphic Design Temp Contractor, August 2017 to December 2017
Key player in update of all buttercreme style icing guideline documentation, created two procedural manuals from scratch, updated Open Enrollment informational brochure with current details and new imagery/layout. Frequently updated Dawn Foods website and product guides online, and TV slides with current information for all of North America. Performed in-depth audits of photography keywords and stock imagery licensing.

Consumers Energy - Jackson, MI
Graphic Design Contractor for a 1.5 month, full-time project Nov-Dec 2016
Hired to assist with a one-time project designing an interactive manual comparing nomenclature between three different technical manuals. Initial requirements were met within about 3 weeks, leaving the remainder to fine-tune and, additionally, create visual SOPs for how to continue the work once the contract was completed.

Alorica Call Center - Jackson, MI
Call Center Agent, January 2016 to August 2017
Promoted to Call Center Supervisor after only 8.5 months on the floor, going from zero knowledge about the client to having the ability to intercede on behalf of other agents. Took a temporary interim to pursue a contract position at Consumers Energy (see above), and returned to Alorica after the contract ended. Only a few months later, success as an agent led to selection for a new team being compiled for Alorica's latest client, for which they had initially intended to hire outside agents. Achieved top call qualities within only weeks on the floor, frequently received customer compliments for knowledge and empathy, and regularly called to the floor to assist with newer agents.

Insignia Graphics, Inc. - Adrian, MI
Full-Time Graphic Designer, November 2015 to December 2015
Hired to compensate for the increased work flow of a growing, family-owned company. After the 30 day probationary period, I was let go due to personality differences between myself and the married owners of the company, along with the inability to learn the process of weeding vinyl quickly enough for their satisfaction. They were very complimentary of my work as a designer, however, and were confident in my ability to pursue the field of design. This amazing experience, though short, was enough to show me how passionate I am about being a designer, and how important it is to me to design full-time.

Taco Bell - Jackson, MI
Service Champion, June 2015 to November 2015
While this isn't going to be anyone's idea of a dream job, I did learn quite a bit during my time here. I now have a healthy respect for fast-food employees. You'll never find a harder working bunch, both physically and mentally, with hours on your feet, dirty jobs, and a lot of heavy lifting, all while keeping a smile for the customer's good experience at the restaurant. I've always been one to fight for $15, and this cemented that ideal. It may not require much training, but it is definitely a job that requires heart, and a lot of it.

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern MI - Adrian, MI
Marketing and Graphic Design Intern, January 2015 to April 2015
Developed the 2014 Annual Report from scratch along with several other promotional items. Coordinated the majority of the nonprofit's annual Honors Night, an event for 250+ people involving developing contacts, negotiation with vendors, and coordination of multiple participants. Personally arranged both a Goodwill presentation and a Goodwill donation drive at Siena Heights University.

Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce – Adrian, MI
Graphic Designer/Marketing Intern, January 2014 to April 2014
Postcard Designs, Updating the Website and Calendars, Correspondence with FUNdraiser silent auction donors (both before and after the event), and Zentangled workshop leader for the annual Women's Expo 2014 in Adrian, MI.

On The Point Promotions – Jackson, MI
Graphic Design/Marketing Intern, February 2012 to August 2013
As this current client was previously mentioned as part of my freelance, I'll just include part of their LinkedIn recommendation for my work: "Cara has been a great addition to On The Point Promotions. She has proven to be creative, hard working and extremely reliable. Her personality has blended well with colleagues and clients alike. Cara has also been eager to learn and further her knowledge and talent. The demand that On The Point Promotions places upon a graphic artist is quite intense as we often need art from a fraction of an inch to over 25 feet in size and often in tight time deadline situations. If you are seeking a talented, dependable and honest graphic artist, I strongly recommend Cara." -John Carpenter – Jackson, MI
Graphic Designer/Product Manager, March 2009 to January 2015
Processed all potential products into saleable condition on the website, compiling imagery and details from various vendors into an organized library, and editing all imagery to company standards. Designed promotional banners and e-mailers, created/submitted print-quality products for company business cards, and other promotional materials. Steadily moved up in the company, rising from a content writer to a graphic designer and product manager. Compiled a 51-page Product Manager SOP and personally trained a new product manager as my replacement.

Claire's Accessories – Jackson, MI
Assistant Manager, January 2009 to March 2009
Another temporary source of income while pursuing my education, this proved to be good training for the physical layout of POP merchandising. One primary responsibility included ensuring all signage was updated on a regular basis for current and ongoing sales events.

Mobile On The Run – Pinckney, MI
Cashier and Interim Manager, May 2008 to December 2008
While returning to life as a civilian, this position included responsibilities for cash handling, customer service, cleaning, and a period where I acted as Interim Manager, processing end of day cash counts and keeping track of schedules while the store manager was on vacation.

U.S. Navy – Naval Station Rota, Spain and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
Mass Communications Specialist 3rd Class (MC3), January 2003 to December 2007
Graphic Designer, Editor, Layout Artist, Journalist, Photographer, and Printer. Another LinkedIn recommendation from then Supervisor Donnie Ryan sums up my work there nicely: "Cara was an extremely detail-oriented editor and layout artist. Her work directly contributed to the ship winning numerous Navy-wide awards. Cara also won several news writing awards herself. I would hire Cara again without hesitation. She is a dedicated worker with extremely high professional standards and personal morals. Hire her today!


4th Annual Jax Naz Women's Expo and Craft Show
Purchased table space to promote Cara Maib Design (now C. M. Baker Design),
displaying posters of my work along with a slideshow, November 2016

Displayed three texture drawings, a powdered charcoal drawing, and a graphic design print at the Siena Heights University tent, September 2015

Chiaroscuro - Senior Exhibition
Siena Heights University, Studio Angelico, Gallery 10, April 14-19, 2015

Displayed Self Portrait (Illustrator) at the Siena Heights University tent, September 2014

Small College Invitational Art Exhibition
Spring Arbor University, Ganton Art Gallery, Feb. 8 - Mar. 6, 2015


Fra Angelico Purchase Award
Awarded by Art Department Chair Robert Conlon, Siena Heights University, April 24, 2015

Phi Theta Kappa Membership
Alpha Rho Lambda Chapter, 2010

U.S. Navy CHINFO (Chief of Naval Information) Merit Awards
1st place for News Article, 2007
2nd place for Feature Article, 2007
1st place for News Article, 2006
3rd place for Newsletter Publication, The Great Communicator, 2006
3rd place for Tabloid Format Newspaper, The Rota Coastline, 2005

U.S. Navy Letter of Commendation
Awarded by the commanding officer of U.S. Naval Station Rota, Spain, in recognition of superior performance of duty as Editor, Writer, Photographer and Layout Artist for The Rota Coastline newspaper, 2005



America’s Preferred Home Warranty Website & Social Media Accounts
Blog posts, Review Stories, and Employee Testimonial stories from February 2018 to Current
- YouTube Relay for Life Fundraising Team video as team captain, June 5, 2019

CHAMBER News, Vol. 17 No. 3, 2018, 3rd Quarter
Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Jackson, MI, newsletter, an article on page 9 reflecting the updates to America’s Preferred Home Warranty’s corporate headquarters building. See the article here.

Eclipse Magazine
Siena Heights University annual publication, Fall 2015, two (2) accepted entries: "Clock" charcoal drawing and "Leaves" charcoal drawing.

The Wedding of Amalia Harazian & Glenn Evich, Aug. 9, 2014. Self published, 2014. Video.

Maib, Cara. Noah Baker Photography. Pinckney, MI: Wynwidyn Press, 2012. Print.

The Writing.Com Anthology 2012. Pinckney, MI: Wynwidyn Press, 2012. Print.
 - Retrieve When Necessary, Editor's Pick for Poetry

Jackson Citizen Patriot, Newspaper, Jackson, MI
 - "Zombie Walk" Photo, October 12, 2013
 - "Jackson-area students on Jackson Community College spring-summer Dean's List" article, November 12, 2011
 - "Jackson Community College Fall 2009 semester Dean's List" article, March 28, 2010
 - "Fall 2010 Dean's List for Jackson Community College" article, February 27, 2010
 - "Jackson Community College Winter 2010 Dean's List" article, March 28, 2010
 - "Ronald Reagan Sailors Pause to Observe Pearl Harbor" - December 8, 2007
 - "Ronald Reagan's 'Crisis Action Team' Credited for Successful Communication During San Diego Wildfires" - October 27, 2007
 - "Ronald Reagan Sailors Make Room for Families Displaced by Fire" - October 24, 2007
 - "Off-Duty Ronald Reagan Sailors Help Save Home from Brush Fire" - July 27, 2007
 - "Ronald Reagan Ship's Store Receives 'Best in Class' Award" - March 28, 2007
 - "Ronald Reagan Sailors Compete for 'Biggest Loser' Title" - February 6, 2007
 - "Two Ronald Reagan Sailors Help Stop Hatchet Attack in San Diego Suburb" - August 24, 2006
 - "VAQ-139 to Utilize Latest Technology in Support of Valiant Shield" - June 19, 2006
 - "More Than $1.6 Million Awarded in SRBs to Reagan Sailors" - February 14, 2006
 - "Reagan Conducts Burial at Sea Near Historic Site" - February 2, 2006
 - "Rota Ensures Single Service Members Receive Thanksgiving Dinner" - November 11, 2005
 - "NS Rota Jiu-Jitsu Team to Compete in London Open" - November 6, 2005
 - "After School Scholars Calls for Volunteers to Help Mold Minds" - October 27, 2005
 - "SS PFC Obregon Docks in Rota to Prep for Sailing Qual" - October 22, 2005
 - "Rota Celebrates Dental Techs, Hospital Corpsman Merger" - October 7, 2005
 - "NS Rota's Chapel Community Donates More Than $20K for Katrina Victims" - October 6, 2005
 - "Rota High School Graduate Enlists Through Local Liaisons" - September 2, 2005
 - "Rota Sailors Learn About Blue to Green Program" - July 19, 2005
 - "Rota Athletes Run Rock of Gibraltar" - June 2, 2005
 - "Rota NSGA Sailors Excel Worldwide" - March 24, 2005
 - "USS La Salle Leaves Europe for Last Time" - March 8, 2005
 - "FISC Admiral Visits Rota's Supply Team" - March 8, 2005
 - "CNP Visits Naval Station Rota, Talks With Sailors" - February 1, 2005
 - "Night Vigil Commemorates First Days of Battle of Ardennes" - December 29, 2004
 - "Navy Cross Recipient Talks About Experiences with Rota Sailors" - November 22, 2004
 - "AIMU Volunteers Set Example in 'Lending a Hand'" - November 2, 2004
 - "Rota Sailor Achieves Educational Heights With CLEP" - October 28, 2004

"United States Ship Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Maiden Deployment: Volume 2, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom"

The Great Communicator
Articles and photography, layout & design published weekly or 3-times-weekly from January 2006 through December 2007

The Navy Compass
"Two Ronald Reagan Sailors Help Stop Hatchet Attack in San Diego Suburb" - 2006

The Rota Coastline
Articles and photography, layout & design published weekly from November 2003 through December 2005

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