So I still haven't gotten that dream job, but do you know, I have grown so much in the past months, I'm kind of glad it hasn't come yet. That's not to say I wouldn't be THRILLED to end up with the job I did this sample design for, which landed me an interview, which may land me the job, who knows! Frankly, this job is exactly the sort of position I have been trying so hard to achieve, and I can clearly see it becoming a lifelong career if I'm their choice. 

So of course I'm praying to get it, working at it, crossing fingers and toes and just generally being over the moon about the idea. And yet, somehow I still have my feet firmly planted on the ground.  Why? Because I know that if this doesn't work out, no matter how badly I want it, then it quite simply wasn't meant to be, and I will find my career eventually if I just keep at it.

This is a mentality I have developed after more than a year of searching, applying, interviewing, achieving, losing and then continuing to pursue my dream. They say a graduate will go through ten interviews before landing a job, and even then it's not likely to be the one she has for the rest of her life. Well I call crap on that. I have always been the eternal optimist, even when I just feel like rolling over. Right now I am flying high on positive reviews, new freelance clients, and a reasonably paying full time job which has nothing to do with design, but is nonetheless increasing my skills in communication, problem deescalation and amazing customer service. Every, single, step, is a learning experience for me.

I won't lie, I hope I get this job, because quite frankly, it sounds amazing. But if I don't? I will be okay. Because life doesn't end with one setback. If anything, life takes it and turns it into a stepping stone, a lesson, an opportunity for growth.

And I am, and forever will be, an eternal student for growth.