First Friday... Alternative.

So, for this first First Friday that I was supposed to attend, it turned out that the date fell on the same day as a prior commitment I had to be at my mother's Lia Sophia jewelry party. So after speaking with Peter about it, he agreed that that was acceptable as a substitute event, and here are the people I met while I was there:

1. Kathleen Kelly (a.k.a. Kat) is a horse trainer who raises Frisians, a special breed of horse from the Netherlands. She has three of them currently, which she trains in her own stables. 

2. Kelly Shew is a mother of three who is currently working on a dual MBA in business. Her husband has his own home-based computer company, which makes the degree pursuit a little bit easier, though her internships are often well over an hour's commute from home.

3. Paige Jabs is a phlebotomist at Sparrow Hospital outside of Lansing, MI. She and her husband were married earlier this year, they just moved into their new house, and they're expecting a new baby girl in January. 

4. Robin Moyer was the host of the party (a.k.a. my mother), and she is also the owner and manager of a local publishing company, Wynwidyn Press LLC, where they print all kinds and genres of literature.

5. Kristen Pickett was the Lia Sophia Consultant who directed the party. She has been a consultant for 6 years, and is currently a work-at-home mother of three kids, the youngest of which just started school this year.