An Artalicious Experience

This event was a first on many levels for me.  It was the first time I had attended an art fair with my own work on display in a booth that I was manning. It was the first time my artwork had been complimented by complete strangers, rather than the friends, classmates, or family I personally chose to show it to. And finally, it was the first time I connected with a complete stranger on an artistic level, even to the point of networking with each other. 

I signed up to man the booth for two hours, as a requirement of having submitted my work for display at the event. I brought a ton of homework with me, figuring I would be bored for the entire two hours, and would want something to do.  I might have read two paragraphs the entire time I was there, because I was too busy enjoying myself!

Not ten minutes into my time there, another student showed up with an entire table's worth of jewelry to sell in the tent. Sam wasn't an art major, but she had taken the jewelry-making class as an art requirement, and discovered she loved the craft. We connected right away, and were chatting for the entire two hours, while she taught me how to make earrings with the beads and wire she had brought with her. She even sold a pair I had made! We also connected on a networking level, agreeing to keep in touch so I can help her create a name for her company, along with a logo and business cards, and we are now Facebook friends.

After my two hours were up, I took about an hour to wander the fair, seeing a lot of creative ideas in action. There was one booth with multimedia framed works that really caught my attention. They were combinations of collage, chin colle and paint, and the finished results were just magical to the eye. I also purchased an unbroken geode, which they cracked open to reveal quartz with some iron rust.

Coming back to the booth to retrieve my things, I ended up sitting down and 'manning' the booth for another hour or so, chatting with Sam and talking with more visitors to the tent. I ended up leaving around 2:30 in the afternoon, when I had originally planned to head home around noon. All in all it was a successful day, much more fun than I had anticipated!