Job Fair

Ok, so I'll go ahead and admit I wasn't exactly looking forward to going to this job fair, largely because last year it just seemed so pointless when I went, seeing as nobody was looking for anything media related.  However, what I had thought was pointless led to an internship last year, so I went anyway just in case, and here are some of the high points:

  1. I was complimented several times both on my appearance and on the physical appearance of my resume, which I designed.
  2. I was able to speak with at least 20 different companies looking for employees.  While none of them were actively seeking graphic design or marketing employees, all of them listened to my pitch with apparent interest, and most of them took my resume to pass up the chain. 
  3. There were several companies that weren't hiring, but were actually in the business of connecting potential employees with companies who are looking for them.  So that at least could lead to somewhere.

I'm not holding a huge amount of hope that any of my resumes will lead to a career, but if nothing else I have grown my networking circle by a healthy amount, and that makes the day worth it.


Exactly two days after I attended the job fair, I received a call for a possible paid internship at Goodwill.  Things are looking up! :D