Ego Surfing

So I Google'd myself today, and I ended up with pretty much what I expected to find, though there were a few surprises along the way. My facebook page (the one I use for actual social interaction) was the first to pop up, along with my LinkedIn profile. Following those, however, were my Pinterest account (something I rarely use) and a mention of me in relation to a book I was a part of in the Navy back in 2006. I had no idea I was listed as an author of that book! Needless to say, my 'ego surf' landed me a nice 'ego boost' because of that. 

Next up was a entry for my name, which for some reason included a meta description of what the name 'cara' means in a variety of languages. 

Only 7 links down, my new online portfolio is already making the Google top page, so I'm thrilled about that to say the least!  The interesting part is that it's not my home page or my blog getting the most traffic, but a couple of the gallery pages, specifically typographic designs and photography. 

After that came my Google+ account (no idea why that's on the first page, because I literally Never use it...), along with a more google links and a soundcloud link, all of which were old and no longer in use.  Though I did find one incredibly old post about the song from the latest Madagascar movie, where I was da-da-da'ing to the circus song from the film. hehe.

On page two of the links, I found a reference to myself on (some kind of whitepages sort of thing), my blogger account, my twitter account, and a mention of a vespa that went in and out of my life pretty quickly back in 2007.  After that it's mostly links to online questions I put out onto various message boards, and links to online news articles or awards I had won for journalism back while I was in the Navy.  

By page three, I'm no longer looking at myself, but whatever Google deems to be a 'similar search', someone named Cara Bermain, who apparently speaks a different language than I do.

These are the current results.  My first ego-surf turned up a post or two on my google+ account I didn't like the look of (it looked like someone had been on my account and posted a joke or something), and I deleted those posts. They're already out of the return on an ego-surf, and it's only been one day, so I've gotta admit I'm pretty happy with that turnaround. :)