Soft Skill Inventory

1. Communication: I am very strong in this skill set, particularly in writing. Grammar skills are excellent, but more importantly, I can tell the story you need me to tell, regardless of the spin you're looking for. Verbally, I can easily make clientele feel comfortable around me on our first meeting, and I have been told that I am skilled at trading jargon for communication anyone can understand. 

2. Flexibility: With five years serving as a photojournalist, layout designer and editor in the Navy, followed up by nearly 7 years of working as the lead product manager for an e-commerce company, flexibility is a skill set I not only have, but excel in. In both settings, random needs and emergency changes are frequent, and require the ability to bend without breaking constantly.

3. Problem Solving: This is what I do, not just at work but in all aspects of life. If there is a problem, I can look at it from all angles and points of view, and come up with a solution. It might be silly, but I'm a bit of a savant when it comes to untangling things, and for some reason that translates into my career well as a skill set.

4. Working with a Team: I can work well with a team that understands the give and take of teamwork and wants to work together.  However, if there are one or more members who think someone else will do all the work, or who can't (or won't) communicate, I have a difficult time working with that type of mentality. My current employment at the e-commerce website is developing this skill.

5. Accepting Feedback: This one is difficult for me to define. I feel that I thrive on feedback.  If it's good, I keep getting better.  If it's bad, then I strive to improve.  However, I have learned that it is difficult for me to accept bad feedback from someone I don't have (or have lost) respect for.  In these cases, I have to force myself to listen and at least consider that the feedback might be correct, regardless of whether or not I respect the speaker.  

6. Additional Skills:

  • Positive Attitude: A positive attitude is a must-have for me.  My fiance doesn't call me Daisy without good reason. I always try to find the good in any situation, particularly when things aren't looking up.
  • Self Confidence: My self confidence has been growing for about 6 years now, and it has recently taken a turn toward visibility. I am confident in my work, and in my knowledge of what I do, and I feel that I can relay that confidence to others.
  • Conflict Resolution: I tend to avoid conflict if possible, but because of my current work environment, I am improving on my ability to resolve conflicts through communication and observation.  Once I can really look at all sides, and see the personalities of the people involved, it is easier for me to meet the problem and try to find a resolution.
  • Critical Thinking / Observation: My skills in everyday observation are somewhat lacking... it takes me a week to realize my fiance has a new haircut. However, when it comes to the work that I do, I am extremely detail oriented, down to the smallest pieces of information. On critical thinking, I am finding myself more and more skilled in this area through the ability to write about details in cohesive ways, as well as conveying details to someone who needs my training or assistance.