My First "First Friday"

So I learned several things right from the outset this evening.  First, First Fridays are not like Artalicious at all. There aren't any booths out on the street--all of the events are inside various businesses, and if you want to figure out which businesses those are, you just kind of have to pick one that's 'open' and walk in. Second, First Fridays are not something to go and 'do' by yourself, for two reasons: A) It would just be more fun with a friend, and B) When the sun has gone down and you're wandering the streets at night by yourself, it's super easy to get freaked out by random people standing around. 

That being said, this event was an interesting experience. I'll definitely bring someone with me next time if possible. I ended up going into a few different establishments before my walking shoes bit the dust. First I wandered into The Seasons, and discovered something of a hidden gem: It's some kind of old theater that's been transformed into a party area for events of all sorts, from birthdays to bachelorette parties. They were having some pumpkin decorating, but it seemed more for the kids than for random adults like me, so I wandered on out of there.

Next I wandered around the Clockwurk Studio & Gallery, which is actually a tattoo studio where the owner has his own art all over the walls for sale. It was very darkly themed art, lots of blood and gore (completely not to my taste), but I know a few people who would have found it incredible. 

After that I went down to SASS, where I saw some beautiful products, including these adorable 'fairy doors' by a local artist:

Photo by Cara Maib

Photo by Cara Maib

My last stop for the evening was at Copeland Furniture, where I had missed the Adrian College Jazz Band, but I did see some interesting participants in the Open Mic event.  I thought about participating, aaaand.... no. lol.

So that was my first First Friday event in Adrian, MI. Not my most amazing evening of all time, but still an interesting visit into Adrian culture, and I discovered some stores I previously didn't know existed.